Zenetex partners with some of the most highly recognized companies and organizations to bring exceptional knowledge, skills, and technologies to our customers. We are committed to establishing strong cohesive teams to provide state-of-the-art technologies and services needed to satisfy our customers. Zenetex is continuously developing new alliances with businesses that are committed to delivering quality services. Part of its partnering strategy involves selecting companies with complementary corporate values and the ability and qualifications to support customer requirements. When choosing business teaming partners for specific opportunities, we consider:

  • Knowledge and understanding the customer
  • Relevant customer experience and capabilities
  • Ability to provide competitive pricing
  • Capability to provide highly qualified personnel
  • Past performance

We highly value all of our established teaming relationships. Our goal is to expand upon these relationships to assist in exceeding customers' expectations. If you are interested in working with us on future opportunities, please send us an email at We will contact you and gather pertinent corporate information. Though this information does not guarantee a teaming arrangement, your company's information will be considered for all future teaming opportunities.

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*Not a comprehensive list