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Program Management

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In the complex acquisition environment of today, proven program management skills are an urgent need. It is vital for the program manager to be able to rely upon the right types of professionals. Our program management support team of technical, financial, contract, process, and administrative subject matter experts is second to none. We are current DAWIA-certified acquisition professionals who have the skill to satisfy requirements and address emerging issues. As current contract managers and former NAVAIRSYSCOM program managers, we understand the elements needed to achieve success. Our goal is to complement the customer with the right skillsets needed to fill in the gaps and to work together to find the best solution by balancing demands, allocating resources, making trade-offs, considering new technologies, tracking progress, and responding to the needs of the industry. Whether we are chosen as the entire program management team or only a complementary part of your existing staff, we are a trusted partner, vested in the success of the program. By this success, we measure our own.

Our program management team is fully equipped with the skills necessary to do the job, and to do it right.

  • Program Management Professionals—PMP Certified
  • Defense Acquisition Program Managers—DAWIA Certified to Level III in:
    • Program Management
    • Test and Evaluation
    • Systems Planning, Research, Development
  • Technical Project Management
  • Organizational Development & Leadership
  • Lean/Six Sigma Solutions
  • Contract & Administrative Support
  • Risk Management & Change Management
  • Budget & Financial Management
  • Scheduling