EAGLE II - Zenetex Quality Assurance Program

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The foundation of the of the Zenetex Quality Assurance Program (QAP) consists of four core instruments: the Vision, the Mission Statement; a set of Guiding Principles, and the Vital 4 Objectives. Our vision is: To be recognized as a highly successful and diversified professional services organization that is (1) Advocated by Customers; (2) Considered the Best Place to Work; (3) Viewed as a Fierce Competitor; and (4) Committed to Growth and Shared Success for All Stakeholders. The three part mission statement states: “Zenetex: Where people care about your success;” When customers succeed, we succeed;” and “Every one of us has a customer.” We realize that the “customers” are the lifeblood of an organization, and our focus is clearly on meeting their requirements and exceeding expectations. This is dynamic in nature and demands agility in adapting to changing situations and continually improving both the products and processes. Being a professional services supplier, Zenetex is all about attracting the proper talent, clearly identifying the requirements, fully preparing and equipping the employees, and insisting on operating values imperative for success. Our guiding principles provide the essence regarding attitude and behavior expectations for all associates: Customer-driven, mission-focused; Operate with integrity and trust in all relationships; Everyone markets; Understand our business; Be accountable; Enable, empower & entrust; and Continuously improve performance. These principles are engrained within the Zenetex employees and provide the basis for the Employee Performance Review that is conducted on an annual basis. Each of us realize that our actions need to reflect these principles and that we must hold one another accountable for living what we preach.


The structure for the Zenetex quality management system is based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Although not presently registered as ISO 9001:2008 compliant, many of us were with an organization where we were the driving force to achieving registration and reaping the benefits that it offers. Our Quality Policy is formed from the Zenetex Vital 4 Objectives and is stated as follows: Quality is the responsibility of every member of Zenetex. We are committed to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS) and continually improve its effectiveness. Customer Care, People Care, Operational Excellence, and Company Care are the pillars of the QMS, and success is measured by Customer satisfaction and our continued growth.” Quality attributes are formulated using the Vital 4 Objectives in a Balanced Scorecard format identifying key parameters and appropriate measures to analyze and assess progress toward enhancing quality. These objectives are a primary focus in briefing contract task order performance as part of our System of Operational Processes (SoOP).

Our Balanced Scorecard “Key Measures of Performance” as seen through the eyes of customer include: Quality/Reliability – absence of observed/reported deficiencies. Price – how well we compare with competitors in terms of perceived “value.” Through strategic alliances we expect real reductions in total product cost. Delivery – measure of meeting schedules. Service – attributes include items such as flexibility, responsiveness, adaptability, professionalism in relationships. In general these metrics provide insight, and enable action, pertaining to what we do, how we do it, and at what cost. Delivering high quality services provides lowest cost; quality is free, as it is waste that costs both time and money.

Continuous improvement is an on-going, never-ending, high priority activity within Zenetex, as reflected by it being the 7th of our Guiding Principles. Continuous process improvement (CPI) is a key component of the quality program and a strategy to success, as our efforts are rewarded by improved performance at continually decreased costs. A specific Zenetex forum for CPI is the frequent top-level review of policies. To ensure appropriate policies are established, that all necessary company intentions are communicated, and that policies in effect are being adhered to, a form of internal audit is routinely conducted. The internal audit is accomplished by conducting at least quarterly reviews of existing policies and procedures and identifying areas needing attention, or areas where policy needs to be formulated.


Zenetex seeks a customer/supplier relation much stronger than a simple alliance, whereby two parties are working together for a common purpose. We truly desire situations where Partnership implies a shared fate, mutual benefits, and equal interest in succeding. Both parties have investment in the outcome and will share in its success. Zenetex appreciates the challenges in realizing a true partnership, but is confident of our abilities based on past activities and track record.

The major purpose of the Zenetex quality program is to provide quality services and products as judged by the customer. Our approach is referred to as establishing a “Partnership of Minds.” This means possessing a shared perspective with the customer and jointly working together to apply reason, thought, and knowledge for achieving success. To be valued for our participation we provide:

  • Respected subject matter expertise
  • Proven experience
  • Concern for cost
  • Practiced in process improvement
  • An appreciation of prevailing environment
  • Service over self
  • Ability to rally others to reach their best
  • Contagious energy and enthusiasm
  • Passion for professionalism
  • Commitment to mutual aspirations

Professional Staffing & Development

Learning and workforce improvement is a continuous process within Zenetex. We place a very high priority on advancing employees’ skills, ability, understanding and knowledge. Some of our development initiatives include tuition assistance, attending technical conferences, in-house training and obtaining specialized certifications, such as Information Assurance Technician (IAT). We view professional development as our obligation, both to better execute our tasks and to enhance the capability and professional growth of the individual. We have established the Community of Experts (CoE), an electronic data-base of resident expertise within the organization, as a resource for mentoring and to provide subject matter expertise on an as-needed basis. A key tool to support the requirements established by the customer is the Skills Inventory, an Excel-based tool, to expedite identifying necessary personnel to satisfy contract labor category criteria. The Skills Inventory provides detailed, succinct description of each employee’s skill set, permitting rapid, tailored responses to contract needs. Our program managers encourage and facilitate peer reviews of deliverables prior to final submission. These reviews, both formal and informal, are a standard practice resulting in higher quality products and services, as well as, aid in building a broader base of understanding/capability that can enhance responsiveness in addressing emergent requirements.


Zenetex’s quality approach is premised on “doing the right things, right the first time,” which demands fully comprehending the requirements, having in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, possessing the appropriate skill levels to execute the tasks, and using proven processes to deliver the desired results. This is the essence of the Zenetex quality system. Supporting this structure is the philosophy of “total” quality. With this construct it is every member’s obligation to be proactively engaged in the daily routine to spot potential obstacles to producing quality products and services, and possess the ability to take immediate action. Zenetex underpins this concept by using schooled, experienced, qualified practitioners of quality techniques/tools, such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints (TOC). Critical to the success of this approach is Zenetex’s proven ability to attract, hire and retain talented professionals that take pride in their personal contribution, and the quality of the delivered product.