Navy Chief of Information (CHINFO)

kglobal (a division of Zenetex LLC) is one of five (5) prime vendors on a dedicated Navy-wide communications Multiple Award Contract (MAC) contract administered by the Navy Chief of Information (CHINFO). Because the communication environment has become more complex and more digital, the Navy’s need to monitor and align communication has increased. This contract is meant to begin closing the gap between the requirements placed upon CHINFO by the realities of today's communication environment and Navy leadership's mandate that CHINFO lead communication for the Navy.

CHINFO SCOPE This contract is for the procurement of Professional Services in the areas of communication integration & strategy, media relations, community outreach/relations, visual information systems and imagery marketing, PA professional and community development, capabilities integration development, Communication Information Environment (CIE) management and training, and public information materials development and production for CHINFO Headquarters and its field activities. The work objectives to be performed under this contract are to provide related specialties and corporate capabilities for services, studies, analytical support, integration, and implementation of the broad spectrum of public affairs issues, policies, and procedures. To meet the requirements, CHINFO requires the Contractor to provide necessary services to include personnel, materials and other services to accomplish the mission. For international requirements, some media monitoring and communication assessment & strategy services may require translation services or work product to be presented in languages or dialects native to that region.

Contract Number    N00189-17-D-Z024
Period of Performance    30 September 2018 – 29 September 2023
Who is Eligible    Navy and other DOD Entities
Agency Sponsor    United States Navy
Contractual Contact    Joe Poniatowski
   Amy Ashley
Technical Contact    Lauren Martens