SeaPort NxG QA Program

Team Zenetex
QA Program

Zenetex utilizes an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) which is scheduled for registration and accreditation in 2010 and incorporates Quality Management processes. One of the major aspects of our QMS pertains to Definition, Measurement, Analyses, Improvement, and Control (DMAIC) processes, which focuses on customer satisfaction, internal auditing, business processes, and delivered product. Quantitative quality management metrics include budget-to-cost comparisons, delivery date compliance, workflow assessments, expense projection profiles, monthly turnover, time-to-staff, on-board percentage, productive labor percentage, and customer satisfaction ratings. Zenetex applies the following process areas both internally and across in the subcontractor teams: Customer Focus; Leadership; Involvement of Team Members; Employee Welfare and Development; System Approach to Management; Continual Improvement; Factual Approach to Decision Making; and Mutually Beneficial Supplier (i.e., Subcontractor) Relationships.

The systemized Zenetex approach to quality management provides continuous process improvement to ensure that all services are of optimum quality while reducing risk and meeting or exceeding established goals for cost and schedule.

As work is completed, the Team Zenetex PM and Zenetex Quality Management Representative will determine if the work being completed meets the quality standards to provide a proactive approach to quality management. Through trend analysis, corrective action can be taken to prevent cost and schedule overruns and improve quality, rather than waiting for cost overruns, missed delivery dates, and customer dissatisfaction. Our goal is to provide a consistent professional level of service performance that meets or exceeds all defined Quality Control (QC) and contract objectives.