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Latest News

Friday, October 20, 2017

ZENETEX Awarded 5 New Contractor Field Team Task Orders

We are happy to announce that ZENETEX has been awarded several new Contractor Field Team task orders.  Read the below summaries to learn more about the support we will provide in many different parts of the country.

Golden Knights

ZENETEX was awarded a Contractor Field Team task order to provide aviation support to the elite United States Army Parachute Team (USAPT).  The team is essential for Department of Army public relations and strategic recruiting missions.    We will be responsible for the maintenance of C-31A, UV-18C, and DHC-8 315 that allow for this essential mission.  This team, 13 artisans and maintenance test pilots, will perform modification, maintenance, inspection and associated test flights to support the vigorous flying schedule.  ZENETEX is thrilled to begin working with the United States Parachute Team.

Ground Vehicle Support – KY, GA and WA

ZENETEX was awarded a Contractor Field Team task order to provide support of the 160th SOAR (Abn) Fort Campbell, Ky, as well as, offer maintenance and logistical support of Field Level and Limited Sustainment Level maintenance of Army tactical and non-tactical ground vehicles and support equipment at Fort Campbell, KY; Hunter Army Air Field (HAAF), GA; and JBLM, Ft. Lewis, WA.  We will perform daily unscheduled maintenance and routine scheduled services on all associated ground support equipment (GSE) to include tactical wheeled vehicles; power generation equipment; forklifts; multiple trailer platforms; and a complex list of non-standard & ancillary equipment.  ZENETEX is very excited to be awarded its second 160th SOAR task order supporting both the aviation and now the GSE.


ZENETEX was recently awarded a new Contractor Field Team task order providing maintenance support at two V-22 Reserve Squadrons, VMM 764 (MCAS Miramar CA) and VMM 774 (NAS Norfolk VA).  Our primary objective is to provide safe, flyable aircraft to execute the unit’s daily flight schedule.  In addition, there will be other requirements such as, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, maintenance control planning and management, support equipment (SE) operation and inspections, corrosion control/aircraft painting, technical directive compliance and modifications and Aviation Life Support System (ALSS) Maintenance.  We are proud to have been given the chance to provide support on this task order.  


ZENETEX was awarded a Contractor Field Team task order to provide Intermediate level (I-Level) repair and testing support for the F404-GE-400/402 Engine, accessories, and modules at Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron (MALS) 11 at MCAS Miramar CA.  In addition, ZENETEX will provide Organizational Level (O-Level) Maintenance support to include, aircraft engine inspections, complete engine and engine module tear down and build up, corrosion control and additional requirements necessary to provide safe, flyable aircraft engines and engine modules to support fleet requirements.  We are eager to participate in this essential mission.

B-2 Whiteman, MO

Zenetex was awarded a Contractor Field Team task order providing crucial support for the B-2 Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance (LOASM) and manufacturing/modification within 509th Bomb Wing, based at Whiteman AFB, MO.  Zenetex will evaluate, install, remove and repair low observable (LO) coatings. We will also design, repair, modify and fabricate aircraft, metal, plastic, composite, advanced composite, LO, and bonded structural parts and components. We will apply preservative treatments to aircraft, aerospace ground equipment (AGE), and support equipment (SE). 

F-15 Mountain Home, ID

ZENETEX is excited to have been awarded a Contractor Field Team task order to provide support to the Contract Field Teams Program for labor services to perform modification work on F-15E aircraft at Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB), Idaho.  The work establishes a CFT effort to perform F-15E aircraft Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) modification and maintenance.  This TCTO includes installation of Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and of Low Angle and High Latitude Reception Improvement Modification on F-15E Aircraft.  We will perform modification and maintenance required to return aircraft to flyable status, in accordance with established practices, procedures, and instructions employed by the 366th Fighter Wing (FW).  All work will be performed in government facilities at Mountain Home, AFB, ID with possible travel to other F-15 locations requiring modification and maintenance support.